Be Ethical – Be Aware

Blood lions elephants marine
Blood lions Elephants Marine

To be an ethical tourist these are the issues you should be aware of.

1. Refrain from indulging in cub petting.  Realise that when you pet a cub you are enriching and promoting the canned lion industry.
2. The same applies to any other interaction with wild animals.
3. A true sanctuary will never have breeding animals and therefore there should be no cubs to interact with.
4. Do not be deceived by SAA tourism brochures which publicise cub petting, walking with lions, elephant back rides etc.  The SA Government endorses and promotes the canned lion hunting industry.  You should not endorse cruelty.
5. There are some amazing destinations which are ethical for you to visit.  Go to our Ethical Tour Operators page and you will see many operators who will see to your travel needs.