Blood Lions

Blood lions

The sad truth behind that cute cuddle….


  • Get involved by petitioning South Africa Tourism or the South African Government.
  • Do not visit a private lion farm. Ask questions before you book a voluntourism trip working with lions (see below).
  • Watch Blood Lion, the movie.
  • Like the Facebook page



Canned hunts involve lions born and raised in captivity, then released into a confined area to become easy targets for fee-paying hunters. The film reveals that in 1999 there were about 1,000 lions caged on farms, by 2005, this figure had jumped to 3,500, and now stands at 7,000.

Additionally, ‘cub petting’ and ‘walking with lions’ are advertised as volunteer activities, with well-meaning tourists paying to bottle feed lions, hug them and play with them. The aim here is habituation – the inherent fear that a wild lion would have of a hunter is effectively cuddled out of them, making easy pickings for trophy hunters, and a lucrative revenue stream for hunting operators and predator breeders.

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